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Kaxton Front Ceramic Brake Pads for BMW 3 SERIES

Compatible Vehicles:
BMW 320i Brake Pads
BMW 320d Brake Pads
BMW 325d Brake Pads
BMW 328i Brake Pads
BMW 330i Brake Pads
BMW 330d Brake Pads
BMW 340i Brake Pads
BMW 3 Series F30 Brake Pads

Why Kaxton Brake Pads are the right choice for your BMW 3 SERIES F30?

Improved Braking Performance: Kaxton brake pads are known for excellent braking performance. They provide consistent and predictable stopping power, allowing for more controlled and safer braking in various driving conditions and temperatures.

Reduced Noise: Kaxton Ceramic brake pads tend to produce less noise compared to other types of brake pads, such as semi-metallic or organic pads. This feature contributes to a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.

Low Dust Generation: Kaxton brake pads produce minimal brake dust. This is especially advantageous for minimal carbon emission and vehicle owners who value cleanliness and want to maintain their wheels and tires looking cleaner for longer periods.

Minimized Brake Rotor Wear: Kaxton Ceramic brake pads are typically gentler on the brake rotors. They cause less wear on the rotor surface, leading to potentially longer rotor life and reduced maintenance costs.

Less Brake Fade: Brake fade occurs when prolonged or aggressive braking causes a decrease in braking efficiency due to excessive heat build-up. Kaxton brake pads have a higher resistance to brake fade, providing consistent braking performance in all situations.



For each model, Kaxton Brake Pads have a unique chamfer that is essential for minimizing noise and vibration while applying the brakes. Additionally, the thorough design of Kaxton Brake pads results in a appropriate contact area in the pad’s core, where the majority of the braking force is applied, resulting in a smooth, powerful, hassle-free, and safe braking of the vehicle.


The brake slot on Kaxton Brake Pads is intended to increase friction and make the brake pads more heat resistant while enhancing performance. By splitting the friction material, the brake slot reduces the brake pad’s inherent frequency. Additionally, they enable the pads’ gases to vent. As a result, Kaxton Brake Pads deliver optimum performance and safety.

Kaxton Brake Pads can withstand high temperatures without losing their effectiveness, making them suitable for all situations where many other brand brake pads overheat or fade. Kaxton brake pads deliver better braking performance, shorter stopping distances, and enhanced brake pedal feel and functionality under extreme conditions, providing enhanced confidence to the driver.





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