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  • Land Rover Discovery 3 Air Suspension Shock Absorber

    Kaxton Airmatic Air Suspension Shock Absorber for Land Rover Discovery 3

    • It is a self-levelling suspension system; adding passengers or cargo doesn’t reduce the comfort of your ride.
    • On rough and bumpy roads, our Shock Absorbers can raise the vehicle with the push of button for greater ground clearance.
    • At higher speeds, you can push the same button to lower the Airmatic Shock Absorber for improved aerodynamics and control.
    • Overall, Kaxton Airmatic Shock Absorbers provide a smooth, constant ride quality.

    Compatible Vehicles:

    Land Rover Discovery 3

    Land Rover LR3

    Note: If you are not sure whether this product is compatible with your vehicle or not, or if you can’t find the right product for your vehicle, then please email our support team or send us a message here.

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